Eric N. Hahn

Tutorials and Examples

Laser Produced Plasma Studies

Computational and experimental campaigns to understand the physics of laser energy coupling as a function of energy, duration, wavelength, and number of beams.

Development of a "Table-top" Neutron Source:

kA/MA-Scale Pulsed-Power Plasma Z-pinches as reproducible sources of energetic particles.

Design and optimization of portable neutron source for fundamental high energy density physics research, plasma-materials interactions, and national security applications.

Materials Behavior in Extreme Environments:

Simulations of Shock and Failure of Metals, Ceramics, Polymers, and Composites

Large-scale (>100 million atoms) non-equilibrium atomistic simulations of materials behavior in harsh environments of high stress, temperature, strain-rate, and radiation.

Other Projects and Collaborations

Additive Manufacturing

Exploring the role that strong temperature gradients can have on nucleation and growth kinetics of fcc and bcc polycrystals.

Planetary Science

Uncovering the deformation and phase transformation pathways of materials relevent to planetary science.

High Entropy Alloys

Investigating the role of local atomic frustration on defect kinetics, principally the interplay between twinning and partial dislocation motion.

Nanomechanical Testing

Providing one-to-one comparisons to nano-indentation and nanopillar compression experiments in order to better understand the role of size effects.