Downloading OVITO... Basic, Pro, and, Legacy (2.9.0)

The current release of OVITO (3.4.1 as of writing) is offered in the Basic (free) or Pro (paid license) versions. A list of the features available to the Basic version or limited exclusively to the Pro version can be found in the version history.

Another open option for users is reverting to a version before the basic/pro branch, specifically 2.9.0 - this sacrifices many new capabilities in exchange for several features (such as the python scripting interface) that are currently limited to the Pro version. A list of all available versions for download is located on the other downloads page.

For posterity I have archived the 2.9 version here. I always suggest referring to the official site for downloads, again: OVITO downloads page.

ovito-2.9.0-win64.exe (74 MB)

ovito-2.9.0-win64.zip (80 MB)

ovito-2.9.0-macos.dmg (80 MB)

ovito-2.9.0-x86_64.tar.xz (68 MB)

The examples and the tutorials will be delineated according to what version they are run on as there are some major updates that occurred in the 3.0 branch!

Regardless of the version that best suits your needs, please cite OVITO.

If you have used OVITO to visualize or analyze your simulation results, please cite OVITO in your publications as follows:

A. Stukowski,

Visualization and analysis of atomistic simulation data with OVITO - the Open Visualization Tool

Modelling Simul. Mater. Sci. Eng. 18 (2010), 015012

If possible, please also include a link to the website:


Miscellaneous color pallets for use in OVITO